Associates Degree

In addition to the Surinamese Teacher Education School Diploma, Vanguard offers a differentiation program that provides this group of graduate teachers with a diploma equivalent to the Associate Program of the Vanguard Bachelor Program in Special Education. This first part of the bachelor program includes 4 subjects, which spread over a period of 4 months, lead to profound knowledge and skills regarding differentiation in each class.

Already after achieving the Associates Degree (AD), the student has sufficient skills to deepen and improve his / her workplace within his / her workplace. The student can become a differentiation specialist in the field of regular education by fulfilling the role of organizing differentiated education and providing support for classroom teachers in class management and dealing with careers in regular education. The AD can already be achieved in a period of 4 months. For the bachelor students this associate program runs from October to January. Teachers who only want to obtain their associate degree and who do not go further with the bachelors degree program, have the opportunity to smear the subjects of the associates program over a period of 06 months.